Mid-Missouri Energy, LLC Membership Unit Transfer Policy 

The Board of Directors ("Board") of Mid-Missouri Energy, LLC ("The Company") has established this Unit Transfer Policy governing the transfer of the Company's membership units, pursuant to authority granted under the Company's Operating Agreement dated October 1, 2010 (as the same may be amended from time to time, the "Operating Agreement")

Selling your Membership Units is your responsibility, not the Company's responsibility. Units may not be sold or transferred without the approval of the Company's Board of Directors, and then only if in accordance with Rules and Procedures of the Unit Transfer Policy. You may post your interest in buying or selling Units on the Mid-Missouri Energy bulletin board. To view interested buyers and sellers click BULLETIN BOARD.

Both seller and buyers make important representations and warranties to the company in the transfer documents they will execute and, therefore, must request financial information available, read and understand before deciding to sell or purchase. We urge interested sellers and buyers to seek professional assistance of a tax advisor or attorney prior to completing and signing the forms. You should also read and understand the Company's Operating Agreement.

Some of our information is available from this website:

Complete information packets may be picked up at our office
or be mailed to you upon request by calling our office at 660-595-0144.