Mid-Missouri Energy, LLC Bulletin Board General Information

(a) If you do not have a buyer or seller of Units that you wish to sell or purchase, you may post your interest in buying or selling Units on the Mid-Missouri Energy bulletin board that will be available for that purpose. You are not obligated to use the bulletin board to buy or sell Units. You may agree to buy or sell Units without using the bulletin board.

(b) The bulletin board allows you to post your interest in buying or selling Units of Mid-Missouri Energy, LLC. Information posted on the bulletin board will help identify persons who have an interest in selling Units of the Company that you may wish to purchase, or in buying Units you may wish to sell. Persons who list their interest on the bulletin board are not bound to buy or sell the Units listed or the number of Units listed or at the listed price. The bulletin board is for listing an interest only, and is not a list of binding offers to buy or sell Units. Listings that do no result in a consummation of a transaction are subject to re-listing restrictions however, as set forth in 4.2 (f) below.

(c) Mid-Missouri Energy, LLC will be acting as transfer agent and can be contacted at:

Mid-Missouri Energy, LLC.
15311 N. Saline 65 Hwy.
Malta Bend, Missouri 65339
Phone: (660) 595-0144
Facsimile: (660) 595-0147

(d) If you wish to post an interest to buy or sell Units, please contact Mid-Missouri Energy, LLC at (660) 595-0144 or by email. You will be required to submit a posting request and consent form to the Company.

(e) If you are interested in responding to a posting on the bulletin board, please utilize the contact information provided therein to contact the person who posted the interest.

(f) All postings will have a date reflecting when they were posted.

(g) All postings are subject to the rules adopted by Mid-Missouri Energy, LLC governing the use of the bulletin board, which rules are subject to change or revocation by Mid-Missouri Energy, LLC without notice.

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